Prelude : How did we end up here


Prelude : How did we end up here


How did we end up... here? This rock of a place is about as far from anywhere as anyone is supposed to, or even should be.

I remember the old stories my dad used to tell me. Tales of the mining rush in the 2200’s and how the 'system' went from being a vast, cold, empty place, to one filled with colonies and outposts; filled with as many cowboys and personalities as there were stars.

The history books say by the time the Magellan Rift appeared in 2322, intrasystem travel had been going for almost 100 years and the original garrison outposts were overrun with people and corporations, all scrambling to be the first to dig up the new wealth. The long established, government funded, colonies of Earth's Moon and Mars were now long forgotten dumping grounds, as the money and power flowed out into the depths of space; delivering luxury and decadence where it didn't belong.

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It was in those early days when things started to really change.

Those rare minerals, desperately needed for the manufacture of alloys used in hull construction, suddenly became a lot less rare; massive quantities being mined amongst the Asteroid and Kupier belts saw to that. Prices fell through the floor (and led to the market crash of 2215) and construction costs of space craft soon followed.

But it was eventual discovery of MAG-90, the 'wonder ore', that led to the development of the Jones Orbital Reactor , a.k.a the 'JOkR'. It didn't end well for him but it was this single, accidental, innovation by small timer Jimmy ‘Overclocker’ Jones that’s been largely credited for the unprecedented growth in the outer planets that followed.

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By the time the Magellan Rift appeared in 2322, slap dash outer-system ships -  Exo's, were already being used in sorties beyond the Pluto orbit.

The jump from those shit piles to what became known as ‘Traverse’ ships happened quickly, far quicker than it took Exo's to develop; like a madmen jumping off a cliff, such was the eagerness to jump the Rift.

Travel through the Rift and the consequent corporate exploration, exploitation as we now see it, of System B should never have been allowed to happen at the speed it did. But money speaks.

Corporate greed... I guess that’s how we got here...

MAG-100 00:00:Prelude