A probably opinionated exploration into a world of flight and fancy – analogue and digital. Books, games, art, film, new and rediscovered, Play Forest is propelled by wanting my boys to have broader, more diverse, and dare I say it, more cerebral, interests than what’s being served up in the mainstream today; and in doing so I’m rediscovering all the things I loved but left behind.

Play Forest is also about picking up concepts, ideas and interests neglected and lost… for reasons I still can’t work out!


Dad to two boys (4 and 11 at the time of writing this), technical sport clothing designer and retailer, professional creative, bike rider. In my teens I loved comics, reading, gaming and video games (yes, there were two types of games) as much as I loved riding bikes, running and spending hours at the beach; a life that showed me you don’t have to be ‘one or the other’ but can enjoy everything.



If you want, you can contact me using the below form. I’m petty good at getting back to inquires and questions. You can also find Play Forest on Facebook and Instagram