Back when the Older Lad was about 4, he came up with this word… ‘bish’. We never knew what it meant exactly, though it was used in phrases like ‘lonky bish’ (we didn’t know what that meant either). At some point I came up with this character and, naturally, I called it the ‘BISH!’ At the time I was thinking of making a vinyl toy out of it and sketched it endlessly, cummulating in having a rapid prototype of it made.

And then I forgot about it. Well, not entirely. The BISH! has always been at the back of my mind.

One day while cleaning out the piles of crap one tends to keep, including reams of BISH! sketches, I found an old logo I did for myself when I came back from overseas in the mid 90s – ‘Dreamland R+D’; while I forgot about the name, the little logo, like the BISH!, has always stuck with me, filed away in the back of my head (probably next to BISH!). So on a whim I combined the two and set up an Instagram account just for them – @dreamland_r_and_d

It started as a bit of a daily habit – every day I tried to do one BISH! doodle and post it to Instagram. Then while thinking one evening, I realised there is more to BISH!, there’s a story, a universe, a place where the BISH! unfolds into something more than a doodle.

And here we are… Welcome to the Land of 5th. What lies beyond not even the BISH! knows.