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Ever since man first set foot on the moon, there were those who quietly planned for the time they could escape Earth’s confines, to find the riches thought to exist in the rock of other worlds.

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MAG-100 00:00:Prelude

Prelude : How did we end up here

I remember the old stories my dad used to tell me. Tales of the mining rush in the 2200’s and how the ‘system’ went from being a vast, cold, empty place, to one filled with colonies and outposts; filled with as many cowboys and personalities as there were stars

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The more I looked, the more flumoxed I became. Yes, I had all the tools and some very rusty ability, but what I do, and the way I prefer to do it, is ‘different’ to what I was seeing everyday.

Beware the social media

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Play Forest - All You Need is Kill

Kill cubed – From Japanese short story to Tom Cruise

Kill cubed

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Steve Jackson Games' OGRE

Ogre was pretty simple in its basic premise – on an atomic wasteland in the 21st Century, the AI controlled mega tank, an ‘Ogre’, has a simple mission of destroying the enemy, or command post, or both!


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Play Forest

It was about a year ago that I needed to update my one machine’s software and was daunted with the industry’s standard, Adobe software, absurd new licensing system.

Affinity Designer

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I was not what you call a classic ‘comic book’ fan as a kid and never got into the whole DC or Marvel super hero thing.

Masamune Shirow aka Masanori Ota

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The chap had a book of spaceship illustrations that he was using as inspiration and I was so besotted with it he let me borrow it for a while…

Chris Foss and me

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