I draw, write and probably spend a little too much time thinking about untangible things.

Hello, and welcome to Play Forest.

This is the space where I unapologetically indulge my interests in art, books, games and the occasional bit of film, all mostly with a science fiction bent. It's also where I haphazardly publish my story arcs – haphazardly, as it never seems to happen as smoothly as I'd like!

Welcome back analogue

Welcome back analogue, I’ve missed you

It was one of those strange waterfall of events, one of those where one decision leads to another and another and before you know it, you are somewhere else entirely.

Vee Eight industries Drone Concepts

Drone Concepts

The old school sci-fi nerd says it’d be odd shapes and things with some bright colours for good measure.

land of 5th [dramland r+d]

Episode One coming soon.

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