Unfolding over a non-chronological timeline, our journeyman uncovers the scattered, yet interrelated history of humankind's expansion into unknown corners.

Stories, histories and data sets. MAG-100 is a non linear journey into the past of the far future.

MAG-100: Orbit



The drone had spent 6 months making deep level scans of the three most obvious candidates. Every metric collected, extensive feature graphing made, and every byte of information relayed back to the base ships that had been in rift orbit for the past 9 months.
Play Forest - Vinyl Toys


Vinyl Toys

Subsets. That is the best way to define modern culture. One can exist in their little world and really never be confronted by, nor experience another subset. To some this keeps them happy, too much stimulation is a bad thing as it challenges their fragile view of the world. To others though, life is not…

Blog Thing

They say opinions are like... well, you know.

I like 'stuff', especially stuff that's now regarded as 'old skool', and I like sharing thoughts (some might say 'opinions') about said stuff.

I write about books, movies, games, art, and have the odd soapbox moment over on my Medium account.

v eight industrial

My career started with a particular Italian motorcycle company and have since gone on to do all sorts of other strange things. Vehicle & product design has never left me but I enjoy designing concepts and ideas far more than the real thing...

Vee Eight industries Drone Concepts


Drone Concepts

The old school sci-fi nerd says it'd be odd shapes and things with some bright colours for good measure.

A a completely whimsical universe that makes little sense! Its roots go back to 2007 or so when I started drawing what became known as the 'BISH!', and it's been with me ever since...

Be warned though, 'Dreamland R&D: Land of 5th' is also an experiment in rich media, so be prepared to navigate and explore in a very different way and it's best viewed on a tablet, desktop or laptop.

Episode One coming soon.