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Play Forest - Tools!

The tools we use for creating images are very much part of the process and as such, we should have, must have, an affinity with them.


Reading Time: 7 minutes

In the pre Star Wars era, shapes, forms and colours were diverse, often soft, organic, and the visions of the future they were part of, in paint and ink, were as varied as they were interesting.

A retro future: A bit of an essay

Reading Time: 9 minutes
The Amnesia Machine - Shaun Tan

In many ways, I categorise Shaun Tan in the same way I would Haruki Murakami – their work is both multi faceted and almost abstract

Shaun Tan – a brief thought

Reading Time: 4 minutes

I want to believe but I fear I might need to step out over a bottomless shaft to find the control that lets me…

Design in Star Wars

Reading Time: 8 minutes

This issue came to a head very recently. I woke up with a ‘eureka’ moment and madly went out to my desk and put the scribble on paper. A critical design concept I had been playing with for months had come together – finally I had something I was really happy with.

There is no wrong in art

Reading Time: 5 minutes
Play Forest reviews Luc Besson's Valerian

The problem about writing a review, or opinion, about Valerian is where to even start? I write this after only having watched it once and thinking about it still leaves me swimming in its vast ocean.


Reading Time: 5 minutes
Play Forest - Vinyl Toys

Subsets. That is the best way to define modern culture. One can exist in their little world and really never be confronted by, nor experience another subset. To some this keeps them happy, too much stimulation is a bad thing as it challenges their fragile view of the world. To others though, life is not…

Vinyl Toys

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Roy Huxley Rediscovered

Upon seeing Huxley’s images once again, I instantly recognised why his work at the time was so magnetic – it has that ageless ’something’.

Roy Huxley Rediscovered

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Play Forest - Terran Trade Authority 7

The books had big flashy pictures that were more than enough to capture a fertile young mind – the Terran Trade Authority books were favourites in my collection.

Terran Trade Authority

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Play Forest's Appleseed Alpha review

Hands down, ‘Alpha’ is the best interpretation for the original Manga to date.

Appleseed Alpha

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Play Forest's Appleseed Ex-Machina review

While it definitely has it’s moments of ‘goodness’, Ex Machina is more a film for true Anime geeks…

Appleseed Ex Machina

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Rez, a true modern classic

If you never have, try and check Rez out. You might not click with it right away but when you do, and you will, it will all make sense.

Rez, a true modern classic

Reading Time: 6 minutes
Play Forest Lost Patrol review

Don’t let that fool you though, this is an incredibly difficult game to win (where the Space Marines are the ones that win or loose), and very quickly the Space Marines player will start experimenting with ways to actually survive more than 10 minutes!

Warhammer 40,000 – Lost Patrol

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Aeon Flux, a cult classic from the 90s

“I always felt like there was a complete disconnect between things that were fun and entertaining to watch and things that were more thoughtful and philosophical.” Peter Chung

Aeon Flux: a cult classic

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Play Forest: Battletech Redux... almost

Big walking tanks whomping the bejeezus out of one another. That’s the basic premise of Battletech, a game with its roots dating back to the mid 80’s.

Battletech redux – almost

Reading Time: 6 minutes

My second exploration into Akira was always going to end about halfway though (a situation to be remedied), so diving into the full story was naturally only ever going to deliver half the experience.

Akira, an incomplete review

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The more I looked, the more flumoxed I became. Yes, I had all the tools and some very rusty ability, but what I do, and the way I prefer to do it, is ‘different’ to what I was seeing everyday.

Beware the social media

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Play Forest - All You Need is Kill

Kill cubed – From Japanese short story to Tom Cruise

Kill cubed

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Steve Jackson Games' OGRE

Ogre was pretty simple in its basic premise – on an atomic wasteland in the 21st Century, the AI controlled mega tank, an ‘Ogre’, has a simple mission of destroying the enemy, or command post, or both!


Reading Time: 6 minutes
Play Forest

It was about a year ago that I needed to update my one machine’s software and was daunted with the industry’s standard, Adobe software, absurd new licensing system.

Affinity Designer

Reading Time: 5 minutes
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